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I found purpose as a guide of personalized journeys towards becoming an authentic leader,  
If you are interested in the concept of becoming a leader driven by intrinsic, authentic purpose, limitless energy, creativity and tangible results, then get in touch with me. As founder of Purpose Driven Leaders Guiding
I will be grateful for the opportunity to support your journey.

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Spirituality in Business
20th Sep 2022 - 19:00 CET
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Embrace the power of self determination and lead with purpose, servitude and inspiration

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We all used tools and assessments in our professional life such as the myers-briggs assessment, a variety of communication, time management, (agile) project management concepts, and so on. These, as useful as they are for their specific purpose, do only scratch the surface of the abilities displayed by an authentic leader.

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The journey towards becoming an authentic leader is filled with many aspects such as observation, business modelling, handling of emotions, fears,  spirituality, practical tools and strategy implementation. The journey leads to a deep self-awareness, people driven management knowledge and the ability to manifest purpose driven management pragmatically in daily life.

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Authentic leadership programme
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Facilitation & Mediation

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Slippery moss, regardless of rain,

pine trees singing, even without wind.

Who can see beyond the entangled world,

to sit with me in the midst of white clouds.


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