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About Me

I’m driven by a passion to work with the beauty that are human beings, their emotions, ambitions, fears and life events. Accepting this passion in full I found purpose to improving working conditions by guiding leaders to manage with purpose, heart and courage.

25+ years of professional experience in different areas, countries and multinational companies provides the basis for management & business understanding.

A lifelong interest in self-development & spirituality matched with an in depth knowledge following a 5 year intensive study of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transpersonal Life Balance Coaching, provides solid ground to manifest real personal change.

Mandala white
Mandala white

On a personal note, my experience was shaped by several life events which taught me valuable lessons, including moving countries, forced selling a house, losing a job and divorce. Only to find myself in a place I would not have reached without these events. A mentally & spiritual mature father of two, grateful to my wife who keeps matters real, thankful for having inspiring people in my life and with a love of endurance sports

Mandala white

Professionally, I started as a maritime officer, operating and maintaining merchant navy vessels. Followed by a career in the pharmaceutical industry at originators, generic manufacturers, custom manufacturing organizations and trading companies. With experience in a variety of positions, ranging from specialist, lean green belt to progressing seniority in management positions in quality, project, contract and production areas. The last 6 years functioning on European director level positions, including time as executive head of the board.

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