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Conflicts, bad relations, mis-alignment, lack of progress? People focussed mediation and facilitation at crucible moments in management teams ensure progression of the hard topics often limiting business success.

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Conflict Management

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My ability


- Function as energetic conduit getting different characters in high loaded scenarios to

- Provide a functional approach to create various 

     outcomes and new perspectives

- Be an on-site coach, shadow and accelerate growth in a

     pragmatical manner for key managers

- Results oriented with good business understanding

I will deliver results in an ecological manner on tough complex issues in a variety of situations such as:

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  • Reconnect your management team to the company vision

  • Built / rebuilt management relations

  • Discover vision, mission and set strategy roll out

  • Conflict resolvement

  • Prevention of attrition

  • Performance increase through teamwork

Individually set pricing per project
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