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Spirituality in Business

Delays, deviating results, attrition, all unexpected events while the customer counts on timely delivery. Daily topics for managers.

I used to charge into these items head on, leading trouble shooting, overtimes, micromanagement, etc. Getting results but without growing my team and sacrificing my personal life.

Over time I learned the importance of stepping back, slowing down and enabling creativity. Only than when the concept of how to deal with the unexpected event is clear, I will change

to the intellectual part of how to get this done. Respecting the ecology which enables the team to act, grow while providing the customer's needs.

The principle is to be fluent in the use of different energies during the process, creation is spiritual in nature, manifestation is intellectual in nature. Being able to use these energies and flow between the different stages enables & re-enforces the process to occur without, as was my case, the stress and performance anxiety.


Pragmatically put in flow:


Unexpected event -->

Feel: slow down, breath, no emotions, switch off thinking


Direction: Set question in back of my mind: How to approach this unexpected event?

Visualize: Connect to your higher values and feel the answer is popping up. Create the Concept


Concept -->

Specify: Concept to pragmatic level

Align, Resources: Ensure ecology with stakeholders & teams

Establish: Kick off and get your concept in place = Implemented solution


Time spend?

as little as 10 minutes



Enabled team, committed stakeholders & better, faster results. 

Fluency in this process enabled me to handle many events, small to large, projects, conflicts, etc. Curious how this can work for you and what you need?

Join my online event for more det ails & experiencing the process yourself  -  20th September 2022 @ 19:00 CET.


Spirituality in Leadership

Executives and founders weekend
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