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Upcoming Events

Thursday 11th May 2023

Pragmatic working with

Empathic Business Modelling

19:00 - 21:30 CET    Online

100,- Euro

- How to work in daily life with Empathic Business Model

Increasing your informal influence by working with an emphatic business model


  • You understand & feel the dynamics of people you work with throughout the hierarchical structure.

  • You made a mental map of your environment based upon characters, values, behaviors, priorities and business requirements.

  • Your insight creates opportunity, options to influence & make a ecological difference. 


Ecological, where people are the most important asset & business alignment is present.


Even at times when manipulation seems to be the quickest way to reach a goal quickly, it always comes back sooner or later with a lot bigger impact than the gains made.


Learn in what language & values to approach each individual, group and put yourself in their shoes. Show an active genuine interest in their world and issues. Once your understand their point of view, new options open up and a curiosity is created to listen to your points as well.


Interested to know more? DM me or have a look at the upcoming online event on pragmatic working with emphatic business models on

Spirituality in Leadership

Executives and founders weekend
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